Collection | petite accents

Blanca White & Gold Vases (set of 2)
White vase with metallic gold texture

5L x 8.5H
9L x 5.5H

Collection: 1 set of 2
Amalie Gold Leaf Vases (set of 2)
Worn brown leather with wheeled feet and tufted cream back

29L x 34W x 31H

Collection: 2
Marche Gold Knot
Gold metal knot

8.75L x 3W x 8.5H

Collection: 2
Clark Gold Table Clock
Bronze vintage - style table clock

5L x 2W x 6.5H

Collection: 1
McBride Bronze Jacks
Bronzed iron jacks

Large: 9L x 9W x 9H
Medium: 7L x 7W x 7H
Small: 5L x 5W x 5H

Collection: 1 (set of 3)
Verne Gold Armillary
Brass metal armillary with an iron base

12W x 24H

Collection: 2
Lief Bronze Globe
Vintage - style globe on bronzed iron pedestal

5L x 5W x 9H

Collection: 1
Quince White & Gold Globe
Off - white globe with brass stand and metallic gold accents

8W x 13H

Collection: 1
Clive Demijohn
Kersey Green Glass Vase
Light green glass scalloped demijohn

Collection: 2
Cliva Green Glass Bottles
Small green glass milk bottles

4W x 9H

Collection: 1 set of 2
Betsy Green Glass Bottles
Light green glass small demijohns

5W x 7H

Collection: 1 set of 2
Carlin Blue Glass Bottles
Light blue glass small demijohns

5W x 7H

Collection: 1 set of 2
Alie Amber Glass Vase
Handblown hobnail vase with gold leaf neck

4W x 9.25H

Collection: 2
Sully Bronze Trophy
Antiqued bronze trophy

9.5L x 6.25W x 9.5H

Collection: 1
Flora Brass Bowl
Unpolished scalloped edge brass bowl

Collection: 1

Not suitable for food service
Cleo Gold Vases
Brushed brass pitchers

Collection: 1 set of 2

Not suitable for food service
Theo Brass Stand
Collection: 1
Sieb Brass Pitcher
Collection: 1

Not suitable for food service
Teddy Brown Leather Books (set of 6)
Leather bound books

5L x 2W x 12H

Collection: 2 (2 sets of 6)
Havana Wooden Cigar Boxes
Wooden cigar boxes in varying styles, sizes & colors

Collection: 2 (2 sets of 5)
Gene Wooden Box
Natural wood with iron trim

Collection: 1
Zelda Black & Gold Box
Art deco inspired decorative box

Collection: 1
Gallina Black Candlesticks
Vintage black metal tapered candlesticks

2W x 8H

Collection: 2 (sets of 4)
Sheldon Black Magnifying Glasses
Black iron magnifying glasses

Collection: 1 set of 3
Aquinna Navy Agate Sculpture
Collection: 1
Lena Carved Wood Sculpture
Collection: 1
Sienna Natural Basket
Sonny Natural Baskets
Sami Natural Basket
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